Friday, March 28, 2008

Just us on the subway NYC October 07

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful HA!

FAO Schwarz NYC doll nursery

Appreciate what you have

Today as I visited with family and friends . . . . I reflected on taking things for granted. On complaining about how bad I think I may have it. I have my health - when so many do not. I have a loving husband who was made just for me. I have 2 beautiful kids who are not perfect - but I want to learn to accept that no one is perfect. My kids are healthy, we have a roof over our heads and our tummies are full and we have clothes on our backs. I am never shamed by the things my husband says or does. I have a loving supportive family. All of our needs are met. So many of these things are things many people do not have. People I know. People I call my friends and my family. I have no reason to complain - I should not take these things for granted. But I do. Wake up I tell myself . . . . and praise God that all of these things have been bestowed upon me. He has blessed me abundantly. And I need to share whatever I have with those who do not. Even if only in words of praise and encouragement. It was another very good day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Copying off my sister

Well my sister has a blog and some friends have blogs etc etc etc. . . . . yada yada yada . . .now I have one. I am a middle age stay at home mother of two and loving every minute of it. I am boring in most respects so I will tell you that up front. I grew up in Orrville, Ohio and still live in the same county. I have a great family and friends. Life for the most part (the big picture) could not be much better. I am very involved in my church and with my family. We don't have any pets. . . . not that we wouldn't like too .. . . but I have really bad allergies and so I am the reason we don't have any. If anyone has a sure fire hypo-allergenic dog breed they could tip me off on . . . that would be great. Has to be good with kids and not shed.

I am a major hobby dumper. I start a hobby (sewing, jewelery making, scrapbooking) and then dump it and start something new. This drives my husband crazy. Well that is one thing about me that drives him crazy among many.

I have had post-partum depression with both my kids and I can sympathize with any other woman that has or will go through it. It isn't fun. It is nothing you plan on having. It steals something from you emotionally but it doesn't last forever. Medication and counseling are a big help when it comes to post-partum but what helped me the most was (and in this order): prayer and God answering my prayers, my family supporting me, a great ob-gyn, meds, and of course and certainly not the least important. . . . the beautiful babies that were waiting for me to feel better. It is like coming out of a dense fog where you were lost for years and finally coming back in to the light. From looking at my children and feeling detached from them. . . to not wanting to ever put them down again and keeping them all to myself. From a young age I knew all I wanted was to someday be a mother. And when I finally was . . . . I didn't feel like one. What an awful and empty, lonely feeling. Guilt, shame, sadness. But after the answered prayer in the form of medication for me (chemical imbalance) - I felt like a mommy. I was so relieved to finally feel 'normal' again.

Now several years out of that bleak spot of my life . . . . life is so good.